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Recovery during dance competition season

The junior dance competition season is underway, and for many young dancers it is an exciting opportunity to perform on stage. However, the school holidays, rather than being a time for rest and recuperation between busy school terms, can transform into a hive of additional activity with dancers participating in winter schools and eisteddfods. In Melbourne for example, a dancer may have a performance of her classical solo one morning in Frankston, followed by a jazz troupe that afternoon in Werribee, followed by a lyrical duo in Heidelberg the next morning. Punctuate this schedule with extra rehearsals and workshops; a hectic timetable, with high intrinsic expectation and perceived pressure from teachers and parents can lead to a physically exhausted and emotionally drained young person. And in a few days…term 2 starts!

I remember this all too well. In amongst all this dancing, I somehow needed to find time to stay abreast of school study, engage with my non-dancing peers and also just chill out!

I’ve outlined some methods below to assist with recovery during those heavy dance periods, to maximise performance potential and help minimise the risk of injury.


Purpose: reduce muscle soreness, begin the tissue repair process and restore function.


Purpose: settle the emotions.

Competition season can be an emotionally challenging time, with heightened stress and expectation. It is crucial in the down time between performances to participate in pleasurable activities in a calm environment.


Purpose: control the thoughts.

Many aspects of dance competition are out of your control – you cannot control what other performers do on the day, you cannot control the decisions of adjudicators, you cannot control the results. So it is important to focus on the things you can control.

Research is underway to investigate the optimal recovery regimens for various sports. So my recommendation is to explore the methods outlined above to establish a strategy that works best for you!

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Best of luck for the upcoming dance competition season!


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