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Recovery during concert time

We are in the throws of dance concert season which presents exciting opportunities for dancers to perform on stage. For many young dancers, however, it is an exhausting period at the end of a busy school year where their peers are enjoying ‘holidays’, and where their little bodies and brains are pushed to the edge.

I’ve outlined some methods below to assist with recovery between those long days of stage rehearsals and having to back up from day to day for repeated performances, to maximise performance potential and help minimise the risk of injury.


Purpose: reduce muscle soreness, begin the tissue repair process and restore function.


Purpose: settle the emotions.

Concert season can be a fatiguing and emotionally challenging time, with heightened stress and expectation. It is crucial in the down time between performances to participate in pleasurable activities in a calm environment.


Purpose: control the thoughts.

Many aspects of dance concerts are out of your control – you cannot control what other performers do on the day, you cannot control the expectations of parents and dance teachers, you cannot control the outcome. So it is important to focus on the things you can control.

Research is underway to investigate the optimal recovery regimens for various sports. So my recommendation is to explore the methods outlined above to establish a strategy that works best for you!

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Best of luck for your performances!


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