My Opinion on the Pilates vs Physio Debate

The client experience must always be the first priority. For so many years Pilates practitioners and physiotherapists have worked together to achieve great outcomes for their clients. Enough of the physio vs Pilates; let's come together and continue to have the client as the primary concern. There is space for everybody.

Rehab Goals

Picture this: You recently rolled your ankle landing from a jump at ballet. You’ve had the injury assessed by your physiotherapist and they’ve set you a bunch of exercises to do at home. You conscientiously follow the physiotherapist’s advice for a couple of weeks, your symptoms settle and you return to your pre-injury activities. So you discontinue your physio homework. Three months later... you roll your ankle again, running to catch the tram to school, but this time more severely. Ouch! Sound familiar?

Commencing Pointe Work: What To Consider…

Commencing pointe work is a rite of passage for many young dancers. It is an exciting milestone, eagerly anticipated by dance students, teachers and parents alike. However, dancing en pointe is not a natural thing for a human body to be doing; few dancers are fortunate to have been born with the exact physical attributes... Continue Reading →

Ballet research to optimise performance

Whilst I was a physiotherapy student at La Trobe University, I was always impressed with the focus on excellence in research and staying at the forefront of sport and exercise innovation and discovery. As a graduate and proud alumni, I am so excited to learn that La Trobe will be collaborating with one of our country's... Continue Reading →

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