Do you know the history behind your Pilates workout?

Do you know the history behind you Pilates workout? The Pilates method was founded by Joseph Pilates during the mid 20th century. It has only been more recently that the clinical community, consisting of physiotherapists and other allied health professionals, has embraced the practice and promoted it as a valuable system for injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as a safe and effective tool in maintaining general fitness and wellness.

Rehab Goals

Picture this: You recently rolled your ankle landing from a jump at ballet. You’ve had the injury assessed by your physiotherapist and they’ve set you a bunch of exercises to do at home. You conscientiously follow the physiotherapist’s advice for a couple of weeks, your symptoms settle and you return to your pre-injury activities. So you discontinue your physio homework. Three months later... you roll your ankle again, running to catch the tram to school, but this time more severely. Ouch! Sound familiar?

Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease

Osgood-Schlatter's Disease is not really a 'disease' - it is a condition of adolescence which affects the patella tendon's attachment to the top of the shin bone. The attachment site is directly over the superior tibial growth plate, the apophysis. In a young person at risk, the area can become irritated and inflamed, resulting in inflammation of the growth plate.

Sever’s Disease

Do you know a young dancer with sore heels? This might be worth a read! We're talking about Sever's disease - What is it? What are the signs and symptoms? Who is prone to developing it? And most importantly...what can we do about it?

Dancetrain Magazine – Bodywise

I was recently asked to contribute my knowledge and expertise to the Bodywise edition of Dancetrain Magazine - it's the second last article, so scroll down! We focused on methods to assist in physical recovery during busy dance schedules, with tips to help your body during exam and comp time. I've outlined additional non-physical methods in... Continue Reading →

Acute Injury Management

I am often asked by parents what to do in the early stages when their child sustains an injury. My response will differ based on a multitude of factors, such as the mechanism of injury, the physical structures that are likely to be damaged and the chronicity of the injury (is it a fresh injury... Continue Reading →

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