Do you know the history behind your Pilates workout?

Do you know the history behind you Pilates workout? The Pilates method was founded by Joseph Pilates during the mid 20th century. It has only been more recently that the clinical community, consisting of physiotherapists and other allied health professionals, has embraced the practice and promoted it as a valuable system for injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as a safe and effective tool in maintaining general fitness and wellness.

My Opinion on the Pilates vs Physio Debate

The client experience must always be the first priority. For so many years Pilates practitioners and physiotherapists have worked together to achieve great outcomes for their clients. Enough of the physio vs Pilates; let's come together and continue to have the client as the primary concern. There is space for everybody.

Upper body strength – what of it?

We spend a lot of time discussing the importance of strength of the feet and legs in dancers. It makes sense - the feet are what connect us to the ground, and especially in a young dancer contemplating commencing pointe work for the first time, the focus is very much on the lower limb. What is often overlooked is the importance of the upper limb - the hands, arms, and shoulders and their connection into the upper back.

Taking Dance Physio to Regional Victoria

Few things give me more professional joy and inspiration than teaching the next generation of young dancers about their bodies. Last weekend I ventured out to Bairnsdale in regional Victoria to the Jan Pianta School of Dance - the longest running dance school in East Gippsland, headed up by Jan Pianta. East Gippsland holds a... Continue Reading →

The Rise

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully controlled, expertly executed rise. Dance physiotherapists place great importance on the technique, control and endurance of a single leg rise to demi pointe when assessing a dancer's readiness to commence pointe work. It gives us valuable insight into where a dancer may be lacking in their development and... Continue Reading →

Recovery during dance competition season

The junior dance competition season is underway, and for many young dancers it is an exciting opportunity to perform on stage. However, the school holidays, rather than being a time for rest and recuperation between busy school terms, can transform into a hive of additional activity with dancers participating in winter schools and eisteddfods. In... Continue Reading →

There’s something in the water…

There's something in the water in Camberwell at the moment...I have three pregnant colleagues and four pregnant friends who are each trying to navigate their way through the various stages of their pregnancies. I seem to be having similar conversations recently with these wonderful women about some things to be aware of, from a physiotherapy... Continue Reading →

Ballet research to optimise performance

Whilst I was a physiotherapy student at La Trobe University, I was always impressed with the focus on excellence in research and staying at the forefront of sport and exercise innovation and discovery. As a graduate and proud alumni, I am so excited to learn that La Trobe will be collaborating¬†with one of our country's... Continue Reading →

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